When it comes to our cars, trucks, and other automobiles, we tend to take pride in our ride. It’s only natural, as affording a car can be a major feat for some, and they’re such an integral part of modern life that it tends to have the sort of importance reserved for major life events, like graduation and marriage. That said, owning a car might not be quite enough for some, and so customizing your ride may be the logical next step. Here are just a few ways to make your car an extension of yourself and your personality.

First and foremost, giving your car a new paint job can elevate your ride’s style in a flash. When it comes to paint jobs, consider dousing your car in your favorite color. A car’s paint job the biggest expression of your personality your car can possibly offer, and so it’s a great first step. When giving your car a fresh new coat of paint, it will typically have a glossy finish, but a matte finish is also an option, and provides a striking contrast to most of the cars you’ll be sharing the road with. Next, you’re going to want to consider adding details and decals to your car’s paint job. They’ll add an extra touch of personality to your car’s exterior.

Another great way to make your car’s appearance work for you is to work on the interior. One option for this area is to reupholster the seats in a new color or material, or you could simply put on some seat covers with a variety of interesting patterns available. You can even replace the seatbelts with those of a different color to add some extra flair to the interior. You can also simply add air fresheners or other knick knacks to hang from your rearview mirror. For any other needs for decorating your ride, try shopping around at retailers like Target to find some surprising choices.