Everyone knows the importance and preciousness of time. Punctuality is considered to be the good habit in every manner. But some of our friends are notoriously late for just about everything. So when you invite them on any occasion tell an hour before the start because you know that they will come late. We can overcome the habit of our friends and family by using this trick but for unknown people it can’t be eradicated. Here we demonstrate some situations which can cause severe problems and consequences of laziness.

1- Arriving late at job interviews:

If you are late for a job interview you are not going to get that job.  I have interviewed a lot of people and I can tell you that I have never hired someone who was late to the interview.  The logic is if you can’t be on time when you are supposed to be at your best how can we expect you to be on time on a normal day-to-day basis?

2- Late on some appointments:

If you are late for a reservation or for an appointment don’t expect someone to hold your spot and be prepared to wait a very long time before you are squeezed in.   Time is money and if you are committing to a slot to be the recipient of a service have some consideration for the service provider.

3- Late on business meetings:

Time of business entities is very important. Every second matters for the expansion of business and money generation. If you are not punctual at your business meeting it means you are not sincere with your business dealings.

Here we identify some examples of the negative impression of tardiness. If you keenly observe the situations you would be able to identify the two basic factors which can cause this. First one is your personal preparation and the other is transportation which you used for travelling. Sometime you get ready and depart before time but you might be arriving late at venue due to your vehicle or traffic. So best limo service in Toronto Canada is now resolved your travelling issues. In the limousine industry you must be on time, being late makes the people you are driving late and this can be devastating in certain situations. Limo chauffeurs are very punctual and they also have traffic tracking system to identify rush traffic areas. If you are a delivery service and you tell them 30 minutes or less make sure it is 30 minutes or less or don’t expect that customer to call you again.